p.12, ¶ 2

When I have lived in the Norman person, the pool hole in the slash of this arcade which 1/4 your age houses were called - I possessed work, the fact that it is restricted to the house was liked, and it was the staff almost to know everyone whether - generally the Quarterwhore, that was called the Quarterhouse used me and long time, it was. Orders the chili pie of the best Frito where I with the seat, supported vis-a-vis the wall of the corner where the stick is distant - the dollar 50 which called the shit pie generally me, the between of always it is possible to buy, is placed, reads. This the pornographic literature, from the literature pornography, and the comedy book had become general. When I become the sickness of the Quarterwhore, you? As for the place where it goes being wherever as for me the local coffeehouse namely the La Baguette (to the why la Baguette always it is there), you wander about, and it is read the same raw materials. The time the time, someone whom I have known wanders about to either one of the place, speaks to me for between.

One of these people was shown and depended the Kurt and the wife who is the old person moved the nearby indie music store. The Kurt always a little strange, was the solid black which has been learned. Always. He looked at many of the same movie, to I read many of the same book which is liked, is concerning those which are ended with respect to the thing which we speak frequently. We had decided to try the small experiment where he concerning that friend of one time had language study and the translation which were said to me. The person wrote the article on English, because of the magazine however perhaps, really am I and it cannot remember and because of thing type all slang and the euphemisms in order to use the point so to that. As for him then in someone it has translating that in Japanese, the result one people translating that already in English, publishing.

The clean unintelligible we should expect, as, it was that. As for Japanese you do not play with other than outside the family which is 1 year old of those languages exactly well. They translating at everything how, doing, it meaning that I who with translation am lost have the direct experience of concept of thing, speaking, two languages being brought up, I found the fact that this very it enjoys. As for translation process of the Nabokov, like enormous headache the memory which sounds enjoys really and speaks simultaneously. In addition as for that being him who is made to think concerning the Salvatore past with the Glossolalia of his himself type from such many place existences to speak with Name of the Rose, understanding almost everyone can do me.

It meaning that I do not speak the Japanese or Russian, the equipment the way it makes the effort of the basic translation which Babelfish now is absolutely lowest, it is good. You phrase of the book or the incomprehensible web page which crosses 2, for example, if it ends with operation, something which it continues as for that imperfection, is enabled in order to obtain thought whether, but. The time being to be, we should call, the machine still rather as for someone had already bothered one people, when, we want you and, and "ending in the phrase like the thing which is thrown in place of meaning you stop word, with the pin" you who do not obtain the condition which is translated go exactly to become, with that you yourself. Many feelings are not made, but, it does not make word, but the image works. So, eagerly, that is passing by the 'Fish, with that kind of effort, engaging at least for me who should resist, how? Very and clearly.

Defect is one part of the point. It is therefore without something to say.

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p.11, ¶ 1

Writing was, for a while, a strange activity for me to be engaging in. Junior and senior years of high school, I'd had several pieces in the yearly "look how talented our students are" thing. Things that I can't quite remember but I'm pretty sure I would be deeply, deeply embarrassed by. . . .[more]

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Just before work

When I woke up for work the other day, there was a gorgeous little snip of music looping through my head. I'm pretty sure I'd never heard it before; it wasn't familiar at all, and unfortunately, I lack the skill to bring it into existence. Not that it matters, because I've already forgotten it. . . .[more]

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