It would make it easier to explain my behavior sometimes(note timestamp). In the last couple of hours, I've done more packing than in the last couple of weeks.*hums the "Ohhhh, meth..." song from the commercial*Strewn around my living room, there are now bunches of little boxes stuffed to bursting with little things. Most people might think that bigger boxes are more efficient, but smaller ones make for prime crammability in the back seat of my car.that sounds dirtyBesides, most of the really big stuff is going to be staying behind, seeing as the entirety of my furniture cost less than $100, and getting a truck to move it would cost me $1000.

I'm now prepared to start shipping things, except for the fact that my job somehow neglected to direct deposit my last check this past Friday. They will be getting what for, five and six tomorrow morning. I'm riled up on sleep deprivation and peanut butter straight from the jar, and will be taking no shit.

Unless I crash.