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4.21.01 entry: "Current musical obsession"

Which is indicative of at least part of my mood lately:

You, you're attached by a hot wire through my eye
You, you're attached by a quiet wire through my ear
You, you're attached by these sweet pictures you've dug up in my brain
Dip a finger in me and paste my word on your machine
Let me be distraction, let me be dream
Let me be future, let me be all
Dip a finger in me and draw my word on your machine
In a dream, I can touch you, in a dream
I can feel you twist, I can feel you writhe because you're with me
Through a paper wall I see you dancing with another one's dream
Can't help but be my distraction, you're all I dream
Pin-pricked wall's light falls over me
Warm until searing, good until bleeding
Throw something out to me
Remind me how to breathe
--THC, Dip