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3.1.01 6.00PM (link)
You might think it's candy but it's SNOT!

Where does snot come from, and why can our bodies make so much of it so fast?

Something irritated my eye really badly yesterday morning, and I had to take the contact out, but I was dripping everywhere all day long. I was able to get a contact in it with no trouble to day, and it feels a lot better, but it's still all red and gross-looking.


3.5.01 ~6.12PM(link)
...til the end of time, til the Earth stops turning...

It's strange. No matter how low the temperature is, it doesn't bother you. But meet up with someone you care about, who maybe doesn't realize how much, and just hold them for a long time, talk a little, try to keep in control a lot, and when you let go, all of a sudden you are shivering, bone-deep freezing. All you want to do is go back into those arms until you both fall asleep.

You go home instead.


3.6.01 ~2.45PM(link)
Life would be so much more interesting...

If we had "What Would Dorothy Do?" bracelets. Dorothy meaning Parker. The thought was spurred by a coworker asking me to day if he should respond to a customer. This is one of those people who self-describes as computer-savvy(I hate that word), but can't figure out how to view her shopping basket on a web site. Hint: It's the shopping basket-shaped icon at the-top right of every single page. I advised him not to. Dorothy would have given a snappy answer. Oh, well.

I'm getting up later and later for work, recently. It takes 10-15 minutes to get there, but I normally leave with half an hour of time. Not anymore. I can't convince myself, or anyone else for that matter, that I care anymore. Though my boss knows I'm leaving(pfft...she's asking me where I'm looking for jobs!), I won't be giving official notice until probably Thursday. Still don't have a job, though I have enough money to survive for a while.

Once I find an apartment. Planning is fun!

Oh yeah...

I forgot that the reason things are a little more hectic right now is that I called my realtor to give notice yesterday afternoon. Got in touch with someone in FtL, though, and we're looking into getting a two-bedroom place. This is a Good Thing. Rent down there pretty much starts at $600/month for a 1-bedroom apartment, and I'm currently paying $275 for a two-bedroom house. Bit of a painful transition there.

On a lighter note, I've managed to weasel my way into ownership of a six-digit ICQ number. Sort of a geeky status symbol, which has had the unfortunate side-effect of making me 41years old, with no visible way of correcting it. Oh, well. I suppose I'll grow into it, eventually.

everythingfades : Grease pit voice lessons
Similar to a project I was planning, but Dave beat me to it, and with a more efficient method. Give him some support.


3.8.01 ~9.37PM(link)
...and nowhere to go

The one club around here playing anything remotely close to what I want sucks. And I want to dance. Tonight. No waiting for Dallas, three hours away, next week.{I hate off-center labrets, and want to snatch the damn thing off everytime MTV shows that guy from Blink182}I've been sitting in front of this computer almost non-stop since I got home from work, early, today and I want to move, hum, and release. It's about the only real outlet I have right now. But I know I'll hate the great majority of the music being played, and could probably call most of the songs, in the order they will be played.

Dilemma. I'm hoping I can talk a few people into going also; might help me make up my mind. Or I could spend the entire time playing Solitaire on the PocketPC, and just enjoy the thump...in front of another computer.

Solitaire it was

A few decent tracks, though mostly the same crap. But I got to hear the song I took with me; Discowalküren - "Walküren." Fine, fine song. The kind that makes you want to break stuff. It's good to know the DJ.

I've come to the conclusion that I own and download an obscene amount of music. I listened to an MP3 last night for the first time that has been on my computer since 12.99. Granted, it was Zoviet France, and not exactly everyday listening, but still...


3.9.01 ~8.10PM(link)
Where'd all this crap come from?

Did some preliminary cleaning and minor packing today. Some thoughts:

  • So that's where that was.
  • I thought X had stolen this when s/he moved out.
  • I remember stealing this from X/<store>.
  • Why did I steal this?
  • What am I supposed to do with this thing?
  • I didn't even know I had this.
  • Is this mine?
  • This won't fit in my car.
  • Wonder how much money I can get for this.
  • How'd this even get through the door?
  • If I just leave this behind, will the next tenant be pissed at me?

3.11.01 ~7.18PM(link)
Blasphemy! Violence!! Babies with nail guns!!!

Mmmmmmmmm...new Simpsons. *froth*


3.12.01 ~11.28PM(link)
Recent weirdness

My resignation at work was brought up in the management meeting. I think I'm flattered. That just doesn't happen. I'm debating whether I want to request an exit interview, or just write an open letter...

So someone(A) I know here in OKC(with many incomplete web projects, else I'd link), is wandering the myriad Camarades pages, and wanders into someone else's(B) cam page. Seeing as they were apparently both bored, chit chat commenced. There was mention of an IRC chan that B and I frequented in the past that A had visited a few times. B makes passing reference to someone in Oklahoma. A figures out it's me. Nixy, meet Mage. And no, he doesn't have any pictures of me, so there.


3.17.01 ~2.41PM(link)
Boredom leads me to do strange things

Four-day weekend. Cashed in my last floating holiday at work for Thursday, and called in "sick" Wednesday. It's almost like being unemployed already, except I'm going back in Sunday. One week to go, and it doesn't feel any different. Odd, and I've done very little in all this time. Threw out more stuff, packed a few small boxes, one of which has a density threatening to make it collapse in on itself(full of old metal printing press letters I got at an estate sale), and trying to package up all the little metal bits and pieces I've gotten from old hard drives and electric typewriters dismantled over the years. They make up a surprisingly large amount of the stuff I'll be transporting, and I may even do something with them someday.

I am now on my way out to buy a book on XML. Because I'm bored and need a new curiosity to play with. The meta-language aspect of it really interests me in a way that could become absorbing to the exclusion of all other things. This is good right now. Now I need to track down an application to mess with it.


3.18.01 ~5.34PM(link)
In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion

I'm trying to figure out why I bother looking at MTV anymore. Yes, everyone has been crabbing for a long time about how they don't play music anymore, and it's all game shows and makeovers, but it's gotten even worse. M2 apparently took all the good music a few years ago(never saw it), and now there's MTV-X(didn't even know about it until this week, but it appears to be all hair metal), so what's left to the original? Apparently hip-hop and MTV.

The channel is now more about itself than anything else. Week-long marathons of The Real World or Road Rules or the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, 2-hour anniversary specials played multiple times daily for multiple days, a manufactured boy band, MTV original movies using the channel within the movie, and the occasional DMX video, but always with a spinny/blinky/flashy/witty little MTV logo of some sort floating in the lower right corner.

In case you forgot.


3.19.01 ~9.06PM(link)
Dido...gooooooooo! Britney...baaaaaaaaaad! <arm swipe>

There's a box under my bed; it's a nice box. Liz Frazer and Lisa Gerrard live in it. They got a new roommate last night: Dido. That is one sexy-sounding white girl! I normally give anything remotely pop a very wide berth, but she just has a great voice. Want more now.

Anyways. Ran across another neat site. Not really evil, but interesting. Still haven't figured out how to get to level three...


3.21.00 ~5.48PM(link)
Cox Cable must die!

My net connection has been up and down constantly for several days now. It is pissing me off. Althought it's probably a good thing, since my wrists and arms have started hurting a bit lately. I'm starting to wonder if I'm actually doing some damage, and the time away has helped a little. I think/hope they're just sore, though.

And I'm still not packed. Which is okay, since I'm going to be sticking around a few days because of my evil new realtors. Apparently, they don't start counting your notice to vacate until you give them the stupid paperwork, and seeing as they close early and I'm only off on Fridays, this took a chunk out of my time. Bastards. Plus it gives me some extra time to actually establish a place to be going in FtL.


3.23.01 ~10.15PM(link)
Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time

A while back, I registered with an auction company in the area. It's a good way to get stuff cheap sometimes. I received another announcement from them today, this one regarding an auction coming up next month to liquidate equipment for the Oklahoma League for the Blind(Ladder Manufacturing Division). Yeah, there's a mean streak in my sense of humor, but I still had to giggle.


3.26.01 ~6.09PM(link)
Coolest. Mouse. Ever.

So there's this mouse that the local Best Buy had on display for the longest time. I was never able to find a box, though. Because it's impossible to get a hold of one of the pimply teenages in the computer section, I had to make do with just going in occasionally to check if the shelves magically sprouted a box for the thing. Didn't happen.

Then, a few months ago, the display model disappeared, and never returned. I was never able to find out who made the thing, either. By a few chance searches and links, I found it this morning. To find out the thing's a hundred bucks. Someday...


3.27.01 ~9.37PM(link)
XML Deutschland

...it had to be said.

Reading about XML has made me understand some things about HTML better, and not just all the things that suck about it. I need to get another book that goes into further detail, though, as it's now wandering off of just XML into some other associated areas. The deviation did lead to some stylesheet changes that make it more logical, though, so no big deal. Next step: hand-coding, to make certain people happy(you know who you are.)

3.28.01 ~5.31PM(link)
...or is this the way it's supposed to be?

I've been unemployed for three days now, and have absolutely nothing to show for it, other than much less drive space. I need a project. Boredboredbored.Interesting...I don't remember taking removing the title from this page. *kicks Dreamweaver*

--ICQ log 3.27.01 12.18AM
:-) ::but you know I love you, you sexy enigma
Su :: I bet you say that to all the sexy enigmas.
:-) ::you're so cynical sometimes you know? Filled with so much. . .rage. . .angst. . .hatred and disgust for the rest of the world. If Giger had a model for the pure embodyment of human disgust, it would be you baby.
:-) ::maybe...sweet thang
Su ::I'm not cynical. I'm actually an optimist. Really. I'm just really crabby about it.
:-) ::hee hee I think you are permenantly menstrating. Thats whats wrong with you.


3.29.01 ~9.30PM(link)
Write when you find work

Still haven't heard back regarding any of my many applications submitted for jobs. Bastards. Sent a followup today to see what I'm told. I haven't even checked listings for nearly a week now, since I'm not feeling all the hopeful about it as long as the resume has an Oklahoma residence on it. What's especially annoying, is that I can see the listings are still active, so either someone isn't doing their job and maintaining that information, or they really are just blowing me off.

Good things this week:

  • Should be able to stay with my sister until I settle in. This is good since realtors aren't calling me back, either. I'd wanted to avoid this, but oh well.
  • Feeling like a total cheezy fan because one of my favorite musicians has not only started working again, but e-mailed me, and I have absolutely no idea how he found my site in the first place.
  • Eating for three days on cheap pizza because I can't stand cooking for just myself.
  • Maybe finding a project to work on. Whee. Fun.