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4.18.01 entry: "Going coastal"

At my sister's house now. Need job, need apartment, fast. My sister comes to me yesterday, all kind of edgy, and starts spouting all these piddly little rules that the ass... er, husband wants imposed--did I mention they're separated, and he doesn't actually live here at the moment?--which are rather obvious things I planned to do anyway, such as helping with bills and whatnot.

However: there are also a few new things, which were never a problem in the past, namely that they(he) would like for me not to paint my nails around the kids or henna my hands, either, while I'm staying here. The kids have been asking about this, and I suppose they're not feeling up to having a real discussion with them about such things. I suppose he's worried I'lll be a bad influence on his foot/baseball-playing, gangsta rap-listening son. I told my sister it's fine, and by this point she's crying for no discernible reason other than that she's pissed at herself and the, husband for having to even say this to me, and ON HIS BEHALF.

But I'm not fine with this, and the only thing it makes me want is to get the hell out of here. Apparently, the three of us were supposed to have some sort of formal "talk" last night to really go over these things(she talked to me more as a warning than anything else), and instead, he just leaves. I seriously don't even know how he got out of the house; I didn't see him go. I have nothing to say to him at this point. And he will never, ever have the satisfaction of finding out how much this hurts me.