A room of one's own

Moving out of my sister's house has taken on a new urgency: my mother is coming down to visit late July. For three weeks. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't dislike my family, I just don't really want to be around them all that much. The other sister should be down here sometime around summer, also.Is it summer already?

I called on two rental listings today, and will be checking them out tomorrow afternoon, so I'm hoping. Kinda sucks that they both have conflicting benefits. One one hand, the first place is a detached little cottage-type place, but has no kitchen and is more expensive, though utilities are included. The other place is cheaper + electric, and has a DSL connection(!!!), but it also comes with a roommate. Ideally, I wouldn't have to cohabitate. Decisions, decisions.

Too bad the duplex at $88/month turned out to be a typo. Not that I really thought it was correct, but still.