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So. Write. Keep it simple. Right. But I can never do that, right?

The original idea was. Read through the books in the order they were written. How I got through them seemed relatively unimportant at the time, and it would be interesting to see the writing progress over the course of the work. So, I cracked open my copy of Mary, and right in the introduction, there's reference to Speak, Memory as providing autobiographical source for some of what goes on in it. Speak, Memory was begun over 15years after Mary was published. This is when I figured publishing order wasn't the best idea. And at any rate, what would be the point of basing a project with no timeline on a chronological reference method? And, anyway, some of the books were originally written in Russian, then translated into English and revised to differing degrees, which blurred the concept of a publishing date a bit.

The autobiography suddenly seemed a very good starting point, quite conveniently. Why not get to know Bokky a little bit before starting in on a comprehensive review of his work? And so it began.

I'm not entirely set on what this is. There are a few ideas. Take something usually inconsequential, something that's often used as an aside, and make it integral. Tell a really, really long joke that isn't all that funny so much as maybe a form of punnery, and see if anybody sticks around for the punchline. Hope that someone out there gets it. Try not to fall into the same traps you've bitched about in public so much. Be more traditional and break a few more rules. Do something new. Make yourself read a bit each day. You haven't been as much as you should.

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