My many smells

So I'm at a club this Thursday, on the floor, when I suddenly realize that my left arm isn't doing what I want it to. Let's turn and find out why that is.

Oh, look, there's a girl attached to it. And she's pressing her face into my upper arm. Let's stare at her until she realizes her actions have not gone unnoticed.

"So it is you that smells like that." (I take a pause here; a rare event.)

"So...is that a bad or a good thing?"

"No, I love it!" (girl dances off happily)

"Well, thank you."


Now, this girl gets big bonus points for a couple of things, I suppose. I tend to avoid scented anything going on my body(or anybody elses') as a rule. I just don't really care for smelling like anything other than me, plus it just gets really odd when you start mixing products. I appreciate the fact that she can appreciate this herself. And, no, I don't have that nasty onion-y BO smell people tend to immediately think of. Oddly, I've had several similar encounters recently, though this was the most interesting. Second set of points comes from the fact that I didn't hurt this girl while she was trying to get at my arm. Me dancing generally involves lots of elbows, and probably looks like it will hurt if you get too close(this comes in handy at times.) I have still not been able to come up with any ideas as to how she pulled it off.