Lady Marmalade's not gonna take it.

I'm sure everyone has seen the video for that damn song from Moulin Rouge at least once now. Does anyone else think that Christina Aguilera's giant multi-color and crimped wig makes her look like the love child of Betsy Johnson and Twisted Sister's Dee Snyder?



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Which reminds me that I forgot to limit HTML usage in comments, now implemented. I apologize to those of you who say the original post.Will: Thanks for reading, but leaving notes in HTML comments: somewhat tacky. I'm just a little irritated at myself for having taken the time to look, for that matter.

Posted by Su ~ 6.11.2001 ~1.49AM EST

Awe, i couldn't! But what, if i did... i can't help but love that unmistakable SUPER ficial feeling i get when I watch Christina Agullwhateva & Lil' Kim & Maya touching themselves. Am I disturbed? Hmmm but it looks so good. Oh coarse these spewed songs for our consumerist culture can popularize a seemingly dull movie...I need not jump to any Siskel 0r Ebert thumb up/down. Who am I to say ... ( BUT I DO LIKE TO WATCH THEM ) yes.P.S. We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream."         ~ Willy Wonka

Posted by Wil Min ~ 6.9.2001 ~12.12PM EST

Well, I've now read your page...entertaining. Hmm. Now, I didn't see anything there too terribly upsetting, nor ferociously shocking. C'mon...are you feeling okay? Boredinsomniac is THE understatement of the year. Heh. :)P.S. Betsy Johnson? Dee Snyder? Live in the 80's (early 90's) much?

Posted by Foxy Lady ~ 6.7.2001 ~9.59PM EST