More heat + more sun + beach avoidance =

farmer tan.

Because of this, I've started actually sitting out in the sun for short periods, to try and keep things even. I take sun pretty easily, if 12+year-old memories serve me well, and would end up with arms in three or more colors if I didn't do this. Within a week or so, I should be the toasty brown color I'm supposed to be by heritage or whatever. This will probably only add to my body image issues, since it has been a very, very long time since I've tanned. Unfortunately, there's just no escaping it in South Florida. Should be...interesting.

The family was away from Friday afternoon until around 4PM today at Disneyworld(land?) in Orlando, so I had the place to myself for a while, which was very nice. Watched Bedazzled with my sister and the kids tonight, which turned out to be the expected mass-market obvious humor, but had the great line, "Don't you think that secular humanism is yummy?"

Stopped in at a club at which a few people I know work, just to say hello, and ended up staying the whole night instead. I generally hate the Sunday T, as it's usually crowded enough to impair mobility, but I kept running into more and more people, and was in good company, which was nice. Plus, the people-watching reminded me of one of the dumb little reasons I like it here: The knowledge that someday, I may actually be able to say, "You're next in line, disco bitch."

In context. And mean it.