Rent is due tomorrow

I'm not perfectly sure I'll be able to scrounge it together. I get paid this week, and I'm sure I can just wait until then, but it just doesn't look good to be late for the first month, now does it?

I don't like being broke. I'd worked myself into a comfortable niche in Oklahoma, having extremely cheap rent, low cost of living, a job that paid very well for the area, and was easy. Unfortunately, it was easy enough that I started taking on other people's jobs, either because they weren't doing them, or didn't know what the hell they were doing.

So, I had lots of contact with various managers and directors at corporate, when I wasn't really supposed to be speaking to anybody higher than my own supervisor, and would end up proofreading every little policy sent down for the specialized e-mail software we used, even though there was an administrator(Jennifer; paid much more than I, of course) at corporate who they were supposedly run by first.

Went a little something like this:

Manager or Supervisor: *hands new policy*

Su: *gets out the red pen* 15mins pass. <Cut to Su in M/S's office>

Su: Um...did this get run by Jennifer, because Kana doesn't work this way. If we do what it says here, BadThing(X) is going to happen, and I think what they actually mean is Expected(Y), which means we have to do MyIdea(Z) instead. This is stupid. Tell them to fix it. Oh, and that glaring mistake in the privacy policy I told you about two months ago is still there. Oh, and you might also tell them that the latest catalog, which drops tomorrow, is telling customers to go to URL(non-existent). So why isn't the next site update for three weeks?

M/S: Yes, the policy was reviewed, and run by Jennifer. They say everything's correct.

Su: Okay. <Fade> <One week later:>

Su: Here's printouts of Messages(#, #, #), and my responses, sent according to Policy(StupidLikeIToldYou), and printouts of the BadThing I told you was going to happen. I refuse to say, "I told you so." Now, tell them to fix it. And sure, the three of us can handle the 500,000 e-mails you're going to send out next week that nobody mentioned and I only know about because I speak directly to the Marketing Director, but we were just wondering if there was any update on when you might get approval to hire maybe just one more person to help us out?

M/S: Okay, I'll tell them. I didn't know about it, either. And, no time soon.

Su: Okay.

All this, and 40% off stuff my pay wouldn't buy me, even after the discount. Life was good. And now I'm here in sunnysunny FtL, being paid a fair amount less, in an infinitely crappier job that there isn't even enough to that I could take over as above, which makes it very easy to say, "Yes," when they ask if I want to go home early because it's slow, which does nothing to improve my finances. So I sent out two resumes yesterday, and will be looking into employment agencies for extra money. Boredom + Late nights + 70+wpm = easy money. Until I find my dream job. Right.

But I'll be better soon. Will be going to New Orleans again late this month to see some wonderful people , and a show .

You're right. I can't afford it. I shouldn't be doing it. The time off hasn't even been approved.

Fuck it.