Strangers have the best candy

So I'm in this leather bar with a drag queen. Bear with me. We're sitting there, people watching and having our beerI've been informed that getting a drag queen to drink dark beer, or beer at all, is quite a featwhen we spot this rather...portly fellow around the corner of the bar, with a plastic-wrapped package of cookies in front of him. The requisite poking of fun/want-some-candy-little-boy ensues, all very funny. I am forced to realize, however, that I've developed a case of the munchies, and I do want a cookie. Now. Taylor(the drag queen) immediately goes off on all the creative things the cookies could be laced with, all very funny again, and we decide to leave Cookie Man alone.

Beer, glance at cookies. Beer, glance at cookies. Beer, glance at cookies. Damn, I'm hungry. Taylor thinks I'm an idiot.

As we're leaving, we run into a few people we know, chatchatchat blahblahblah loveyourcollar and, "Screw it." I stomp my way over to Cookie Man(I do believe I was wearing my big boots that night) and say something like, "Listen. You don't know me, and I'll understand perfectly if you tell me to piss off, but I've been eyeing them for a while, and I want a cookie. Figured I'd ask. So, can I?" He was very nice, and seemed maybe a bit surprised. I got three. Just for having the gall to ask.

They were good cookies, too.



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Heh. There are more Taylor stories forthcoming. We had a couple of fun times. Taylor has unfortunately lapsed back into his(uses same name for both) Jerry Springer life, and I haven't seen much of him lately.

Posted by Su ~ 7.5.2001 ~9.44PM EST

Hee!That's f*ckin' awesome! These strange little snippits of life bring me so much joy. How lovely.

Posted by Susana ~ 7.4.2001 ~9.40PM EST