Productive day at work

More data entry, more phone book musings.

Girls named Ana should not be given the middle initial "L". Parents can be so thoughtless at times. The previously mentioned middle initial pattern has continued. When this project is done, I might do a search and see just how many there are.

I would like to know why there are so many girls in Puerto Rico named "America." As far as I'm aware, the word doesn't have any meaning in Spanish, other than, well...America. Maybe they just think it sounds nice. The multi-culti possibilities are incredible, though. Imagine if everybody picked up on this. "Come here, little Latvia." "Oh, isn't Chechnya just adorable?" "Bolivia and Argentina, you get here right this instant!" Certain children wouldn't like each other, and the possibilities for jokes are endless.

Maybe the reason complete addresses, as I understand them anyway, aren't given in the listings is that we all know how hot-headed those Latins can be, and the phone company is doing its part to prevent psycho ex girl/boy-friend stalkers.

Also sat around pondering the sheer suggestive power of walking up to someone and saying, "I'd like to see the rest of that tattoo sometime." And then, what keeps me from doing these things. Decided I am given enough weird looks as it is without soliciting them. I would like to see it, though.